The 25th Annual Red Hook Fest presents Bombazo Dance Company

Bombazo Dance Company

Hook Arts Media is happy to announce that Bombazo Dance Company will perform at the 25th Annual Red Hook Fest!

About Bombazo

Bombazo is a 501(c)- 3 non-profit drum and dance company, whose mission is to preserve, educate and showcase traditional Afro Puerto Rican Bomba and Afro Caribbean and traditional folkloric elements. We further combine those main ingredients and fusing them with classical, contemporary and social styles of dance. Thus, creating a new movement vocabulary while still preserving the authenticity of our culture.

The word “Bombazo” signifies a Bomba jam. It is where the community gathers to celebrate life through its rhythms, song, and dance. Our company members are professionals in their field. They hail from different countries, such as Asian, European, Central & South America, from the Caribbean and African Diaspora. All are strong technical dancers, learning, sharing and performing Bomba.

As choreographer and artistic director, our audiences experience how a simple element can be taken to new heights and beyond. Therefore, our mission is to further enrich the knowledge of all who come and support our dance concerts within the universal language of dance and dance education.

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See Bombazo Dance Company perform at Red Hook Fest on Saturday, June 2, 2018, from 2:00-7:00 pm at IKEA’s Erie Basin Park. Learn more about the other performers, activities, and resources at The 25th Annual Red Hook Fest: Artist as Activist.