Dance Theatre Etcetera presents the 25th Annual Red Hook Fest

Directions to Red Hook Fest

Location & Directions

There are many ways to reach Red Hook Fest. Use the tabs below to find general directions for your preferred method of transportation. You can also use the interactive map below to get more specific directions. As weather and construction can affect traffic, please check your route against your favorite app and traffic updates before coming out.

For Pedestrians

You can easily reach the 25th Annual Red Hook Fest via bus, subway, ferry, water taxi, or our free shuttle!

Jofaz Transportation has generously provided a free shuttle bus to help pedestrians make their way to Red Hook Fest! Shuttle stops going to Red Hook Fest are:

  • Smith & 9th Street [at the F/G subway station]
  • 477 Columbia Street [The Flagpole]
  • Lorraine & Columbia Street
  • Beard & Ostego Street [IKEA]
  • Red Hook Fest at Louis J. Valentino, Jr. Park & Pier

The shuttle stops leaving Red Hook Fest are:

  • Red Hook Fest at Louis J. Valentino, Jr. Park & Pier
  • Coffey and Dwight Street
  • Clinton and Bay Street [The Rec Center]
  • Smith & 9th Street [at the F/G subway station]

Subway Directions

None of the subways currently reach IKEA, but our free shuttle bus will stop at the Smith and 9th Street F/G subway on its route to Red Hook Fest. If the F/G is not convenient for you, there are 2/3/4/5/A/C/G/N/Q/R stops within walking distance of the B57 and B61 buses.

Bus Directions

The B57 and B61 buses stop in Downtown Brooklyn. From there, both buses take a route to Beard and Ostego, right in front of IKEA.

Ferry Directions

There are ferry stops around the city. You can view the South Brooklyn route here, with directions and times to reach Red Hook Fest.

Alternatively, you can take the Water Taxi to Red Hook Fest.


For Bikers

Red Hook makes for a scenic and accessible bike ride. Bikers can make their way along one of NYC’s most scenic routes to the 25th annual Red Hook Fest.

For Drivers

Red Hook is easily accessible via car. We highly recommend checking your favorite app for directions the day of the festival as construction, traffic, and other events may affect your route.