East Brooklyn Community High School

Opened in fall of 2009, the East Brooklyn Community High School is modeled on longtime-DTE partner, the South Brooklyn Community High School, in Red Hook.

Principal Patrick Mcgillicuddy, a veteran of SBCHS and of DTE’s media programs at the school, brought arts education to the school immediately, as part of a multi-layered system of innovative education that will include small classes, individualized programs, and extensive counseling for both students and their families (provided through a partnership with the SCO Family of Services).


“Welcome to Change” was created during East Brooklyn Community High School’s first trimester of classes, fall 2010. The film was made by students not just as an introduction to media and video skills, but also an introduction to the transfer school model they were now a part of. These excerpts feature interviews, student role-plays, and an original student-written rap. All videography by EBCHS students.