Park East High School Theater

Arts Education

Hook Arts Media’s arts education programs provide rigorous instruction in performing arts and digital media. They emphasize collaboration, critical thinking and engagement.

Employing an arsenal of techniques from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed to documentary filmmaking, youth are encouraged to challenge themselves and their peers to become active participants in their schools, their communities and in determining the direction of their own lives as they develop their skills as socially engaged artists and citizens.

Hook Arts Media offers both school-based and community-based arts education programs.  For in-school and after-school programs Hook Arts Media staff and teaching artists work closely with schools on long-term partnerships. Offerings include dance, theatre, playwriting, Hip Hop spoken word and DJing, digital media and documentary filmmaking. Residencies can include arts enrichment for core curriculum classes or discipline-specific arts electives. We believe in the “co-intentional” classroom- where the goals of teachers, students, teaching artists, and administration are all aligned to achieve success through teaching and learning in the arts.

Community-based arts/media training programs include our In Transition: Hip Hop Youth Theatre program and our In Transition: Digital Media program. Both are designed to offer rigorous pre-professional training in theatre and media production, career coaching and job training for youth 15-24 years of age. Other special residencies that have been specifically designed to meet individual school partner’s needs include Theatre for Language Learners (using applied theatre and playwriting to improve reading, writing and speaking skills for English Language Learners), 3-D Design as arts enrichment to geometry classes, and multi-disciplinary after-school performing arts workshops.

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