Our Programs Work

Hook Arts Media’s programs are proven to effectively serve the low-income, at-risk youth who most need it. Your contribution will have a real impact on addressing inequities in our city and society

You Will Be Seen

Through its various artistic productions in New York City, our programs provide multiple opportunities to connect stakeholders from major media to audiences comprised of predominantly urban teens and young, affluent, socially-conscious professionals.

Together, We Can Make A Difference

By connecting the power of local businesses with Hook Arts Media’s experience and expertise in youth development, we are able to nurture the growth of young change-makers, in order to build a more just and joyful world.

By partnering with Hook Arts Media, you align yourself with principles that add value to your brand: diversity, equality, community, justice and artistic innovation.

What We Do

Hook Arts Media engages in a wide variety of artistic activities to achieve our vision of a more just and joyful world. In order to accomplish these goals we:

  • Produce arts festivals that celebrate community and animate public space. In its 20th year this June, The Red Hook Fest audience has grown 20% in the last 4 years.
  • Offer innovative performing arts and media education programs at public schools and after-school centers throughout New York City. (Our programming has increased by over 1000% in the last five years, as new school partners reach out to work with Hook Arts Media).
  • Create and produce award-winning site-specific events that investigate and celebrate urban locales. In 2010 Hook Arts Media won Certificate of Merit from the Municipal Arts Society Award.

Become a Sponsor Today!

Join Hook Arts Media in helping to produce high-quality arts programming while gaining valuable exposure for your business! Click here to view our current sponsorship deck that details the types of sponsorship packages Hook Arts Media offers. If there’s something you have in mind that is not offered, please ask! We want to work with you to create the opportunity that works best for your business.

For more information contact, Martha Bowers, Executive Director at martha@dtetc.org or 718-643-6790 x112
We look forward to working with you!