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What We Do

Hook Arts Media has 2 paid after-school filmmaking programs open to Brooklyn teens and young adults, called In Transition: Media and Digital Boot Camp. While students earn a minimum wage stipend, they learn from one of DTE’s master teaching artists. These vital programs train students in pre-professional filmmaking techniques to prepare them for college and career.

Our alumni have won college scholarships, project grants, and positions with local production houses and popular television shows. In fact, last year’s Kashif Bobby Cox Memorial Award Winner, Juan Gonzalez, works with JAX Media on shows like Broad City.

This year’s In Transition: Media garnered record interest. But while our waitlist was full of talented young filmmakers, we had to turn many young people away.

What You Can Do

Since our media programs have proven to be educational and career pipelines, we wish we could support more students’ wages. Not only do stipends improve morale, but the additional also helps support low-income students who might not otherwise feel comfortable participating. Nonetheless, as a small non-profit, we simply do not have the financial ability to pay for additional stipends. We need your help to support more students’ wages. 

Please consider donating to support future filmmakers today. For just $455, you can sponsor a future filmmaker’s entire stipend!

You can also donate a portion of a student’s stipend.

  • $455 = 100% of a student’s stipend
  •  $340 = 75% of a student’s stipend
  • $230= 50% of a student’s stipend
  • $115= 25% of a student’s stipend

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Hook Arts Media is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All deductions are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. To donate by check, make it payable to Dance Theatre Etcetera, Inc. Mail to:
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